A complete guide on how to lucid dream tonight

Following are some tips that will help you to find the answer to the question ‘how to lucid dream tonight?’
Tip 1: Keep a fantasy diary

Keep a diary and pen by your bed so you can instantly record your fantasies. By the word fantasy, I mean dreams. Every morning spend a couple of minutes recording your fantasies and compose each and every detail you recall before you woke up. It will help you distinguish designs in your fantasies and better acknowledge when you’re dreaming. Search for things that show up all the time in your fantasies. When you figure out how to see these fantasy signs, it’ll be simpler for you to perceive when you’re dreaming.
After you’ve kept your diary a while, you’ll see that your fantasies will review all the more effectively and their power will increment. You’ll encounter more natural lucidity.

Tip 2: Try supplements that support acetylcholine levels for more clear/vivid dreams

supplimentsResearchers performed on acetylcholine boosting supplements uncover an intriguing symptom: clear, frequently lucid dreams. Analysts considered the outcomes and found that acetylcholine is in charge of controlling REM sleep. The higher your acetylcholine levels, the more unyielding and wide the REM cycle gets to be.


Tip 3: Boost your Melatonin levels

brain-organA small organ in the brain of the human called the pineal organ produces melatonin, and melatonin controls sleep-wake cycle of a human. It joins data about our surroundings to various parts of our bodies and makes it less demanding for us to fall asleep on the night and also during the day, it stimulates our awareness. High melatonin levels affect the quality of one’s dreams very positively and influence the accomplishment of lucid dreaming.
You can expand melatonin by:
• Sleeping in complete darkness
• Going to rest and awakening at a comparative time each day
• Eating the foods frequently that stimulate the production of melatonin, for instance, dark and light mustard, sunflower seeds, almonds, cherries and flax seeds as well.

Tip 4: Meditate before going to rest

meditate-artThere is an imperative connection amongst lucid dreaming and meditation. In both cases, you intend to achieve a lovely self-awareness. You can meditate at whatever time, and in any position, you feel good. To accomplish lucid dreaming, it is always suggested thinking a few minutes in your bed, just before going to sleep.

Tip 5: Tell yourself to recollect your fantasies/dreams before going to bed
Let yourself know undoubtedly that you need to dream; you need to know that you are dreaming and you need to remember it after that. Repeat like, “I will be lucid dream today,” to instruct the brain to comprehend when you’re dreaming.

Tip 6: Practice reality checks

thumbReality checks are directly related to the actions that you can merely do in your real life. The most familiar reality check is pinching you while you are dreaming. When you do is i.e. pinch yourself while dreaming you sense no pain. You can also place your finger on the palm of the opposite hand of yours. If you can do it means that you are dreaming.

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