Best Downloading Lucid Dreaming Apps

We have collect the best downloading and most popular lucid dreaming Apps for IOS and Anroid. For a more detailed and understanding of these application we give complete review on their functions and objectives.

The following reviews on applications are intended to reveal how the latest technology smartphone potentially improve your lucid dream life with a range of dynamic features including reminders reality check, dream journals cloud peronalized audio signals, expert tutorials lucidity, meditation and sleep sound alarms.

unnamedAwoken – Lucid Dreaming Tool For Android

Andreas Rudolph’s Awoken app features describes the reality checks, dream clues and a cloud-backup of your dream.

lucid-dreamingLucid Dreaming for Android

Forexshed Android app describe the feature of voice prompt,music alerts, vibration alerts and various methods to switch from a normal dream in a lucid dream.

and-iosLucid Dreaming for Android and IOS

Alexander Stone’s Lucid Dreaming app describe the feature of Re-Entry,Dream Chaining, DEILD or WILD Chaining.

11Lucid Dreamer for  iOS and Android

Matthew Silber’s Lucid Dreamer app describe the feature of Reality Checker, Paralyzer, Da Vinci , Dreamscapes, Focalizer  and Subliminator.

faLucidity – Lucid Dream Journal by For Android

Christopher Benz Lucidity app which describe the feature of dream journal, a dream recorder, and a reality check reminder.

98Lucid Dream Inducer for Android

kierek Lucid Dreamer Inducer app describe the feature of one of the most popular techniques WILD, WBTB and Reverse Blinking.

10-steps-to-lucid-dreams-android-app-review10 Steps to Lucid Dreams for Android

Rebecca Turner 10 steps to Lucid Dreams app describe the feature of dream signs, visualizations and dream herb guides.

zDream Z – Lucid dreams for iOS

Adam Siton’s DreamZ -Lucid Dreams app describe the feature of  sleep cycle tracking, personalized audio cues and reality checks

limnosophyLimnosophy By Paul Sheldon for IOS and Andriod

Limnosophy is a process, which can lead to the realisation of your fondest dreams. OWL provides dream guidance to learn


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