Five best lucid dreaming tips that work

Yes, there are tips that will help you in lucid dreaming. Some of the best lucid dreaming tips are following:

Keep your sleeping schedule consistent:

Everyone amongst us must be familiar with this useful tip. The best way to set up your body clock is to go to bed and wake up daily at exactly same times daily. An important example must be stated here. Do you ever think that how you usually wake up in the morning just 5 minutes before your alarm rings? This is your internal clock, which functions only in the case if you have consistent sleeping schedules. Also, this clock inside you helps you in lucid dreaming method.

Sleep in full darkness:

darknessSeveral researchers showed with their research when one sleeps in complete darkness at night; melatonin levels are at its highest positions. This will support clear dreaming and an improved ability to recall them. So, to create an ideal environment for lucid dreaming, there should be no difference in the darkness of your room when you open eyes as compared to closed ones. So, it is always recommended for lucid dreaming so that pollution of light may not ruin your dreams.

Try to recall earlier events from the day:


This is the best thing, and you will have fun while doing this. All you have to do is simply recall each and everything of the preceding day. What is the reason behind doing this?  The reason is that it will increase your awareness levels. So, for lucid dreaming, you must go through the complete preceding day of your and remember every little thing as much as you could. As soon as you start experiencing this, you will be experiencing lucid dreaming with no more effort.

Massaging your scalp will help you a lot:

massaging-your-scalpFor most of the people, this will sound funny and stupid. But this is the most excellent way to relax you. Also, this tip is very useful for one’s health and lucid dreaming as well. You tend to release serotonin and endorphins when you message your scalp while going to bed. The released endorphins will give you a healthier and faster sleep, as soon as you go to your bed. Melatonin is created by serotonin. So, naturally, the more serotonin will produce more melatonin, which will help you to have more vivid dreams and you will have the increased chances to become lucid. So, for the best results, you must try looking some messaging techniques from Google so that you could do your best for lucid dreaming.

Try to recognize signs of dreams before they appear:

signs-of-dreamsIf it looks impossible to you, one thing should be made clear that it is possible. The working of your subconscious mind entirely depends on your conscious mind. So, if you feed the desired information in your conscious mind, there will be more chance that it will become visible to in your dreams.


Simply follow all lucid dreaming tips, defined above. It will work.

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