How to Induce Lucid Dream- The Best Guide

Lucid dreaming is the ability to have an awareness of your dream and to control them. I know you are thinking how to induce lucid dreaming? You will get the answer in this article and don’t worry you everybody do it. You will not be the only one. As a beginner, you will not know much about lucid dreaming. It is the ability to wake up in your mind and controlling your dreams. It allows you to do everything you want to do and it just feels real.

How to have Lucid Dreams

So we are talking about how to induce lucid dreaming as quickly as possible. We don’t guarantee you that you will make it happen quickly, it can take a day or two. You have to do some basic preps before gong to sleep. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Spend your Day reading about Lucid Dreaming

Think about lucid dreaming all the day before you do to bed. Read about it. You can talk to you friends about it. Also, think what you are going to do in your lucid dream tonight. The purpose of this activity is to get yourself focused on what exactly you are going to do. To get the feel of what you are in for read the stories of other people who have done it and also feel what you will experience when you will do it.

  • The Reality Check

Right the letter “An” on your palm and see it whenever you are awake. Ask yourself am I dreaming? This is called a reality check. Ask this question as many times as you can before be going to sleep. The more you will do it the more you will have a chance of lucid

  • Turning off all the Lights

So we are on the third step of how to induce lucid dreaming? Before going to bed turn off all the lights. Switch your cell on silent mode but make sure the alarm is working. Do not watch TV anymore. The purpose of all this is to prepare your body to make enough hormones that make you sleep, and the process is slowed down with artificial light. Set up an alarm two hours before you normally wake up. Choose an alarm bell that just wakes you up but not too loud. It should be soothing and place your mobile near you so that you don’t have to get out of your bet to stop your alarm and you should not open your eyes.

  • Wake up with Closed Eyes

The hard part is to wake up with your alarm with closed eyes. His means wake your mind up with closed eyes. The last stage is the final stage when you are going to perform lucid dreaming. Because you are woken up and activating your brain but you are also going back to sleep. Don’t be afraid of as it is not a dangerous thing you are going to do. When you will do it two or three times, it will be easy and will be real fun.

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