Limnosophy By Paul Sheldon for IOS and Andriod

Limnosophy is a process, which can lead to the realisation of your fondest dreams. OWL provides dream guidance to learn about how to remember, understand, identify and realise your dreams.

In the ancient, sacred, metaphoric tradition known as  O. W. L.,limnosophy-01
individualized consciousness flows from the deep, mysterious source of human potential described by Carl Jung, psychologist, alchemist, and gnostic philosopher, as the “collective unconscious,” and by the American playwright Kermit Hunter as simply the “ancientness.”  This Ancientness has been called by thousands of names in thousands of cultures.

GNOSTIC: knowing by means of direct experience, especially spiritual states of awareness; conscious; aware; one who knows

WHOLE:  complete; holy; sacred; fulfilled; at home; in place

HEARTED:  trusted; sincere; compassionate; central; loving

LIMNO:  pool; lake; essential nature of pools of water, including droplets, rivulets, streams, rivers, groundwater, lakes, marshes, swamps, ocean, mist, clouds, snow, ice, rain – the whole water cycle

SOPHY:  Sophia – ancient, divine, feminine presence of intuitive wisdom; companion to Logos – ancient, divine, masculine expression of language

Experience anything you can imagine in your dreams!limnosophy-02

This app can help you in the following experience

· How to remember your dreams
· How to understand dreams
· How to realize your fondest dreams
· What are your fondest dreams?
· Learn how to become lucid in your dreams
· Learn how to overcome nightmares
· Learn how to have more restful sleep

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