Lucid Dreaming-Ways to Hack your Sleep

Do you ever wonder that how it feels when you have a control on your mind during sleeping? Like to control your mind and influence your dreams. You would love to do this in your dreams which you are afraid of or unable to do in real life like kissing your crush, flying, solving a problem in your life or being a hero. You would also love to remember your dream when you wake up. Lucid dreaming is the ability when you are aware of your dreams, and you can control them. Many people have questions about how to have a lucid dream? In this article, you will have some ways.

Ways you can Lucid Dream

Lucid dream is helpful in insomnia. When you have a control on your dreams, then you have fewer nightmares. Because of this, you can improve your sleep quality. After having a lucid dream, it is easier for you to face reality. You will be courageous to face real life challenges. With lucid dreaming, you can test the solutions of different problems in your dream. Even you can practice everything that is stressing you a lot. With all these benefits you will want to know how to have a lucid dream.


  • Keeping Record of your Dreams

It isdream-recording very important to keep a record of what your dream tonight. Keep a notebook and pen by your bedside and spend some time in the morning to right what you have to dream last night. Write every single detail you remember when you wake up. With this technique, you will be able to realize the pattern of your dreams and identify the things that regularly appear in your dream. When you learn to notice all your dream signs, then you will be able to recognize when you are dreaming. After that, you will more frequently experience lucidity.

  • Try out Supplements

supplimentsStudies have proved that supplements that boost acetylcholine will have interesting side effects on your mind. Scientists have proved that Acetylcholine for REM (Rapid Eye Moment) sleep. The higher you have Acetylcholine level, the more vivid, broad and persistent you will have the RME cycle. Most of the people are using the brand supplement known as Alpha Brain, and they are getting just amazing results.


  • Boosting Melatonin Level

brain-organThere is a tiny organ present in our brain that produces the liquid known as Melatonin. This liquid regulates your sleep-wake cycle. It links the information present in the environment with different parts of your body and makes it easy for us to have a sleep at night. It also stimulates your awareness during day time. High melatonin level will help you to improve the quality of your dreams and also the success of how to have a lucid dream.

You can increase the level of this liquid by sleeping completely in dark environment and going to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Some foods can also improve melatonin level such as mustard, almonds, bananas, tomatoes, rice, oats, etc.


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